Accent Reduction Tutor

This is the core concept of our course – the melody of the language, it’s sounds and articulations. The students listen to the dialogues and then read it for the tutor. Your job is to correct wrong sounds, broken melody or intonation.

Target students:  People from 5 to 60 y.o. If you prefer to work only with kids or adults, it’s possible to filter your students.

What we expect

Type of person

Linguistic/musical type of person. You can show that either by your educational status (current student or diploma) or hobby projects (music, singing or other art)

Computer Skills

Computer savvy is a huge plus. Our user experience is delivered by the internet, so we expect you to understand computers and be familiar with some software (Microsoft Office, Online Meeting Software, Music Software, etc)

Native English speakers

We offer jobs for a non-native speakers as a test-prep tutors though

Other skills

Acting, comedic skills, as well as American Sign Language skills, might be a huge advantage

A smart and secure way to work online

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